New Housing for Urban Crickets

magnetic home for...


mini TV cabinet

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Sound Tossing goes lab30 Augsburg

Exhibition. Workshop. Interventions...
and lab30 award winner!
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Sound Tossing goes Japan

First Sound Tossing activities in Japan by Daichi. A nice attempt to bring back Cricket Culture to Japan!
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Urban Crickets @ LeonArt

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New Sound Tossing @ LeonArt

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Sound Tossing @ Coded Cultures Festival Vienna

Talk. Exhibition. Workshop. Intervention...

Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface
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Sound Tossing strikes Leonding

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Sound Tossing goes LeonArt

Sound Tossing - Workshops / Urban Interventions and more...
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TV Story about Sound Tossing

Bauerfeind in zdf.kultur
17.07. 19:30

Bauerfeind auf 3sat
20.07. 21:30


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New Sound Tossing Instructable!

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Urban Crickets in East London 2

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Urban Crickets in East London 1

Sound Tossing in London's Chance Street near Shoreditch High Street Station. Right next to Shoefiti, Skewville's Flying Kicks and another nice hanging object. Labels: ,

Sound Tossing strikes London's East

Right next to Skewville Flying Kicks!


Sound Tossing goes Italy

First Sound Tossing activities in Florence by new Tossing activists faxen!
Urban Cricket in the front Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in the back. Labels: , ,

Sound Tossing in Romania

Urban Cricket strikes bridge in Targo Mures.
Thanks to Sound Tossing activist karu.
Keep up that good work! Labels: ,

Sound Tossing Dresden Vol.2

Urban Cricket at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden.
The background music comes from Dresden Dixieland Festival. Labels: , ,

Sound Tossing in Dresden Vol1

Urban Cricket in Neustadt Labels: , ,

New Sound Tossing in Vienna

another Urban Cricket in the streets of vienna... Labels: , ,

Urban Cricket in the moonshine!

Superloud Urban Cricket in Viennas Mondscheingasse. Labels: , ,

Sound Tossing goes Israel

First Sound Tossing activities in Israel by new Tossing activist karu!
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Urban Crickets in Dresden

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Urban Cricket strikes Laibach Sculpture

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Urban Cricket annoys Vienna

This one was too much for MuseumsQuartiers Security Guards!

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Urban Cricket in Berlin

Sound Tossing on Shoe Tree in Berlin Kreuzberg Labels:

Stone Tossing?

Stones hanging from overhead wires in Anjuna / India
(pic by harri)

no idea what's the meaning of this.. Labels: ,

...another Urban Cricket in Mumbai

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Urban Cricket subverts Mumbai's Soundscape

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Urban Crickets in Mumbai

…. a subversive attempt to bring back chirping sounds to one of the world’s noisiest town.

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Sound Tossing in Vienna

Two Sound Tossing Tools called Urban Cricket were placed in Vienna. Labels: ,