Master Thesis about Sound Tossing


Street art opens up a new, broad field of research in the context of urban communication and art aesthetics in public spaces. This research explores the rich history of developments and techniques in shaping aspects of urban art over recent decades that finally merged into street art. It will present an overview of the state of [street]art, and aims to highlight new and promising trends within this extensive field. The primary focus of this study is the relevance and effects of using new technologies and electronic devices to shape urban land and soundscapes.

My artwork – Sound Tossing: Sound Interventions in the Context of Street Art – examines the process of developing this alternative form of street art and uses sound as its medium. It represents multiple audio device prototypes which encourage the development of new ways for street artists and activists to offer their messages and symbols in public spaces. Furthermore, it documents different approaches to establishing this alternative urban practice within the street art and the new media art field.

This research closes by exploring the implication of Sound Tossing for users and participants in public space and art festival environments. The findings also expose a research void concerning technical interventions in the context of street art.